1 august 2017 - s'well bundle, naan pizza recipe

oylo's s'well bottle sample bundle is now available for purchase on sellfy. the bundle includes 135 original processed samples made with only my hands and a s'well water bottle, which are constantly making cool sounds. I figured I'd record a bunch and drop them into a sampler for myself. Then I figured I should probably share it online as well; keep an eye out on social media for free download codes!

anyways, here's my naan pizza recipe:

garlic naan

your choice of sauce

grated parmesan cheese

muenster cheese

black pepper

green onion (chives)

baby spinach

microwave bacon

more parmesan

then bake it until it's crunchy/melty enough for your taste and thank me later

we make naan pizza at least twice a week in this household. it's cheap, easy, and even tastier than yourpie, so I highly recommend trying it out. I have a picture of the finished product too, but for some reason I can't get it to align the way I want it to on this page. and as a result, that picture has been omitted