14 july 2017 - site development, introduction, welcome

I've been putting in some serious work trying to get this website up and running. it's basically a race between dns activation and site development at this point. and the only worthwhile, free e-mail service provider I could find won't approve a mailing list for my website until I have content, and a bunch of it. so basically I'm adding as much as I possibly can. this is going to be a cultivation of nearly every digital footprint I've left on this planet (which is a sizeable number). I'm not totally sure I'll keep up with blog entries too often (I was (ambitiously) thinking weekly posts, but we'll see). it'll be nice to have, if not for you, for myself

anyways, welcome to oylo.info, I hope you find what you're looking for. I also hope that you find something you weren't. if you've got a minute, I'd appreciate your participation in this short sruvey. thanks!