15 november 2017 - the paradise ep by oylo & alec good

the paradise ep by oylo & alec good

free download here

so last month I stumbled across this golden tune:

(at this time, alec has removed the track "bic boi" from soundcoud so the embedded player isn't going to load)

and naturally went on twitter to message alec about how dope it was, but I noticed that our last correspondence was in january of 2016 and it was about doing a collab... so we resumed the conversation. I sent him a few projects I had in progress, hoping he'd vibe with one of them, and he sent back heat for every single project...

we had technically already collaborated, since he and I were on a track together with kev and cehryl. it was called "train tracks", but has since been taken down. I'll probably upload a copy somewhere one of these days

please let us know what you think. and thank you for listening!

cover art by the beautiful and talented sava sosa