26 july 2017 - mailing list, getting my degree, new music soon

still working on fillin' 'er up with content so I can get a mailing list started. I should probably put more content in these blog posts. that'd certainly help my case. but I just don't consider myself a great writer... I get bored/stuck/blocked/etc. so uhh, as filler, here are a couple of shots from my instagram

today was the last day I will ever attend class at columbus state university. after I take my last final a week from now, I'll finally be done. I've been looking forward to this for the past four years. what a waste of time and money. "higher learning"? mail me that sheet of paper already bruh

but in other news, I've got some sweet new music on the way. I'm trying to break away from my usual production patterns, so this new new might be interesting... be on the look out!

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@oylomusic on twitter