oylo's blog - 1 april 2018 - fornite, gifme, smash-cover-cut

happy easter sunday!

april fools! I don't celebrate easter

so I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this game called 'fortnite' (yeah you have), but I got addicted to it this week... I hadn't really touched any games other than runescape for the past several years, and fornite caught me off guard. I found myself watching a highly-ranked fortnite player's twitch stream (for the first timer ever) with lunch one day, and the gameplay absolutely captivated me

then I found out it was free... Loooool pricing is a large part of why I don't game
and so now I play fornite

a lot

I've also added two new entries to my playground since my last post:

and of course, if you're interested in what's behind the scenes you can always take a look at my repositories on github