oylo's blog - 1 july 2018 - padseek refinement, my birthday

I'm writing this about a week after the 1st because I'm a no-good, good-for-nothin' slack master. or as the people proclaim, I've been busy

I've spent a bunch of time working on p a d s e e k over the past two weeks and I would love to get some feedback from you if you're down to share some

I've just finished refining the basic functionalities for sample sequence playback & drum pad manipulation, and am moving on to compiling modules for the sequencer. as of today I've added a tempo counting tool and a module that applies sequence randomizations
stop by and give padseek a try

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my birthday was yesterday! 😁 and I had an awesome one thanks to Savannah 😘
she hooked me up with some future tech I didn't know I needed so badly. I feel like I'm a special agent with all this fancy hardware