oylo's blog - 1 may 2018 - audioeye

hello! I have great news to share!

on april 16th I started working as a web applications developer at audioeye!
I remediate client websites using javascript/jquery in order to help them adhere to the the web content accessibility guidlines and accessible rich internet applications standards. and I have been having an absolute blast so far! it's weird getting paid to do something I love... I just go to a specified location and solve problems all day. it's wonderful

but unfortunately that location is across town, so the commute takes an extra ~2 hours out of my day (still worth it)

• smooth segue •

I had planned to release volume 03 of my kit today but that's definitely going to have to get pushed back a little bit, seeing as (aforementioned announcement), and the workload I've got for the full stack certification course I'm in. but as I'm sure we all do, I've got a bunch of plans

so I'll see y'all around! thanks for reading