oylo's blog - 15 february 2018 - georgia tech, moving, tool box

good morning! (/afternoon/evening/night) hope you're well. I've been doing pretty well myself

I'm currently enrolled in a course at georgia tech trying to get a full stack flex web development certificate. (what I'm really looking forward to is learning how to use some javascript frameworks (node, angular, react, etc)) and I'll probably be updating the blog about my journey through this course pretty often, seeing as it will likely bring a bunch of new content to other areas of the site

aside from that... we're moving! finally ditching this cramped apartment lifestyle. we were lucky enough to rent a nice house with a deep yard, despite atlanta's competitive housing market. and seeing as we will be leaving this cave with self-imposed volume constraints, our music is about to be filled with physical instruments, deafening vocals, and tons of low, fat, sugar-free, organic, non-GMO* bass

oh! and one more thing... I added a tiny little keyboard to the bottom of the junk drawer in my tool box. check it out!