oylo's blog - 15 june 2018 - skydiving, fortnite, updates

we went indoor skydiving the other day. it was very expensive, but definitely worth it. I highly suggest you give it a try if you ever get the chance to. I wish I could say that I have pictures to share, but they force you buy the photos & videos online for an additional price that becomes too much to justify. Lol

anyways, besides working and slaughtering fools on fortnite (add me on epic games: 'oylo.info'), I haven't been up to much. nothing too profound musically, just wips that aren't quite worth developing yet... but on the software side, I've been working on a module-based drum sequencer. right now it's pretty basic since because I've been working on refining the basal features and playing around with styling options. but I'm feeling the end of this phase approaching... check it out if you're feeling rhythmic. more modules will be coming very soon

thanks for reading fam