oylo's blog - 15 march 2018 - just plain trivia, volume 03 ?¿

I built a trivia game yesterday

if anyone would prefer that I stuff these blog posts with more fill-err.. I mean, 'reading content', please let me know somehow. you can dm me anywhere

I'm probably most likely to answer on these platforms

and I'm less likely to see anything from places like

but for now I'll just stick to the script
...which is lightly touching on each of the subjects listed in the title

here's what you were really here for...

tHat'S RiGht! KeEP tHeM L👀keRs PEeleD 🍌

oylo's kit - vol. 03

coming to an online store near you this spring

hundreds of fresh, exclusive samples and a tons of extras

I can't wait to share this with you all