oylo's blog - 15 may 2018 - up late

unfortunately, this post is very late
however, my blog entry posting schedule is completely self-imposed and upheld by none other than me 🤗 Lol

life has been fucking sick lately, and I hope everyone else is having a good time. or at least trying to

I released a new single called 'up late' featuring our beautiful pup, laska, as the cover art, and so far, it's my least played song of all time... lmao even though it's actually my personal favorite to date haha

here's the widget

that's about all I've got for this post, but soon I'll be getting an extra day's worth of time back every week, so I'll be able to up my content output. this certification course I'm in ends in about a month (will probably post about the project I'm working on for the next entry), and my training period at audioeye is coming to an end. which means I can work from home a few days a week. and with no coursework or class meetings, combined with a half a commute, I'll get back around 28 hours, per week!

absolutely nuts. do you know how much you can do in 28 hours?!

iT's a LoT :)