oylo's blog - december 2018

(so sa)vannah released her first album this month! she put a fuck-ton of work into this, and I'm incredibly proud of her for seeing it to fruition. easily top on my listening list right now, and probably until her next...

and a couple days after she dropped 'tangerines' we celebrated our anniversary at yayoi kusama's infinity mirrors exhibit. the rooms were so magical... it looks like we're going to have to make one eventually

while setting up my bullet journal for 2019 I browsed through my old ones for formatting ideas and came across the initial planning for oylo.info. thought it would be good to share here. maybe in the mockups sections too? guess we'll see how I feel after finishing this blog post

most of the month was pretty busy for us. as most holiday seasons are for most people... but I'm not bitching, just recording, jah feel?

we spent a lot of time playing smash ultimate (bet you wouldn't have guessed)
we visited with both of our families for a few days each. that was a lot of driving
we booked an awesome trip towards the end of january (which will get covered in the next post)
and we finally started topping these tables we bought with talaveran tile mosaics! check this shit out...

nd tht's bsclly ll, c u nxt yr