oylo's blog - november 2018

I haven't been doing much so far this fall/winter in the programming realm because we've been focused on music for a while now. the only code I wrote this month was for two projects:

towards the end of october I bought a bass guitar, and I've been messing around throughout the month trying to hone in on my inner-bass-god's powers. not sure why I've never tried playing guitar before, but if there's ever a time it's now, right? a real bassist would probably shit all over my sloppy fingering but we've all gotta start somewhere. I don't even know how to play tabs or scales yet lmao... just seems like it's easy to fumble into dope shit when you're playing a real instrument... 👀

and during the month I put together a short mix showcasing some of that dope shit...

0:00 - you must be mistaken
0:48 - max strap
1:30 - statistically
2:18 - derailed
3:08 - rodney mullen
4:04 - formulaic
4:56 - winged dragon of ra

but yeah, haven't done that much this month aside from that. my mom and stepdad came down for thanksgiving, it rained a whole lot, we bought an inversion table (which I highly recommend for anyone who has a stationary career), oh! and went to an internet show for their hive mind tour! turns out it was at the same venue as the kali uchis concert we went to last month. and it was a fantastic show!

but that's about it 🤷‍♂️
catch you in december!