oylo's blog - october 2018

alright, you're gonna need a few minutes for this one... let me start by saying that my self-imposed blog posting schedule shall continue on a monthly basis from this point forward. I've made this change for two reasons:

  1. because I like longer-format blog posts
  2. and it doesn't matter

so october was a fucking roller coaster

early in the month we went to a kali uchis concert and got to meet n' greet her, which was dope. they put on an excellent show. the day after the concert she put me up on her instagram story 😎

and this is my claim to fame

a couple days after that sick concert we started seeing flies pop up around the house. every time we killed one, another would appear. couldn't find any rotten food, took out all the trash, washed all the dishes, speedily entered and exited doorways, etc. STILL mother fucking flies. I had the thought in the back of my head the whole time, but didn't want to believe it was true... I took a flashlight and investigated the attic: clear. so I went outside to peek through the crawlspace ventilation shafts and sure enough, a fat white cat... not responding to bright light in its face...

immediately went to lowes and purchased a respirator + goggles
got back home and suited up
crawled under the house at 10:45 pm to retrieve said cat
rotting feline scent forever burned into my memory...
and then I had to go find a dumpster to put that shit in

0 / 10, fuck cats. they're vile & evil creatures. not once, not twice, but three times, I have found neighborhood cats in my backyard drooling over decapitated squirrels. they're fucked man, I'm telling you

towards the end of the month my company held a multi-day event for all of their employees. it was a pretty dope time. they spared no expense on the lodging, food, or entertainment... I even got a picture with shaq during one of the dinner events heh

we spent some time sorting and packaging donations at the atlanta community food bank, got unlimited game / ride access at skyline park on top of ponce city market, went to the clermont lounge 👀, and did a lot of drinking

and on halloween (like a real cliche piece of shit) I released the first mix I've ever put together, "from the bog", and the tracks included are all original / unheard. and uh... here it is! hope you had a great october