oylo's blog: april, 2019

this month I used my tax refund to buy an ipad so Savannah and I can do graphic art at the same time. taking turns wasn't cutting it for me Lol. also started putting together a gallery to showcase some of the stuff I've been making in the digital (and also physical) art department. which by the way, is not very good yet, but getting noticeably better...

so hit this mf link fam. gonna be redesigning the gallery during May too, it won't always be trash

here's a preview of my best finished piece (as of 1 may 2019)

we also took a throwing class together! I'll probably post pictures of the finished pieces in the next post

and if you're a STOCKA fan ❤️❤️❤️
you may appreciate the updates that april has brung unto yer browser, including (but not limited to):

- the ability to name and save symbol sets
- saved states for sorted symbol sets
- a new market data chart-type + settings panel
- full support for keyboard & AT users
- the ability to copy symbol sets to your clipboard

I set up a new landing page for stocka for investors too, so if you haven't already, check that shit out and cop stocka! but actually why are you reading my blog if you haven't even downloaded my chrome extension?? #FakeFan

just kidding, catch you in may!