oylo's blog: february, 2019

maybe I should drop the link first

don't save (vile) is a collab me and Jim started putting together back in november, and we're both really pleased with how it turned out. it's gotta be my favorite tune to date. but you know what's funny is that almost every new release becomes my favorite. Lol... but I'm excited to work with Jim more in the future on some longer-format jams. be on the l 👀kout for more to come!

you'll probably be able to tell that my vocals are a little experimental (still tryna figure out how to sing without processing to death) but I get turnt when it comes on so that's all I care about. kinda wish we had doubled up on this one...

let us know what you think!

and check out Jim's website!

this month I published a chrome extension called stocka. it's just a simple tool to keep track of stock prices & changes. if you're an investor you might find it useful at some capacity but it's definitely nothing special. it's been a fun project so far so I'll probably be updating it for a while...
check it out:

fun fact: in 2013 I published another chrome extension that replaced every image on any page with photos of steve wozniak