oylo's blog: june, 2019

what's up beautiful / handsome 😉

since you made it to this page, we can safely assume you're looking for content to digest...
hope you brought an appetite ðŸĪŠðŸ™ƒ

first course is gonna be another procreate time-lapse like the one embedded in last month's blog post, but since I was made aware of how l i t the mirror tool is... ya boy's got another one here for ya!

and uh... course two is uh

another tune + time-lapse
we're getting better y'all

we finally got to pick up the pottery we made in april. so our instructor took down our glaze selections and hooked us up after the pieces were fired. and as ceramic amateurs, we are very pleased with the final results:

⌘C ⌘V

we finally got to growing micro-greens this month. so far it's gone pretty well, but we have definitely had some heat failures with a couple of our poor little sprouts; namely arugula, chard & lettuce. but we got some hefty harvests from broccoli, kale & radish. and a good amount of sunflower sprouts too!