oylo's blog: march, 2019

in an effort to piece together the passive income puzzle, I've added a paid upgrade to stocka (the chrome extension I published last month). stocka for investors will beef up your extension with new and improved features every week (or so (for an unspecified amount of time (subject to change)))

more information about stocka for investors

also been casually working on a big ass painting for the last couple of months. writing this I realize that it probably needs a name. how about 'out of focus'? I've never done anything this big with acrylic paint before, and it's probably been almost a decade since I made any physical art of this scale. there were times when I thought I would never finish this piece, but then I had the great idea to cover up all the areas that I fucked up with colored blocks!

click here for a literal closer look at 'out of focus'

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