oylo's blog: may, 2019

we finally got to see sam live this month! been a huge fan ever since 'bruh' & 'reflectionz', so it was seriously dope to finally see the man behind it all

this month I made a youtube channel to host some of the clips made while building up my videography skillset. I've got all kinds of content at this point, so it only makes sense to start producing video content... check out my first two videos:

a quick update on the status of my first potato plant Lol

a procreate time-lapse using the mirrored canvas tool (btw check out my gallery and expect more of these because this was a lot of fun)

when I was about 12 I had a youtube channel called 'Rocklokia' that had dozens of ridiculous skits (all edited in WMM) and a few hundred subscribers that I probably racked up from spamming 'sub 4 sub' in the comments sections of Fred's channel. but teenage me got too embarrassed and deleted everything... I will always kick myself for that

also went through a parkour / free-running phase and posted a few montages of my friends and I doing shitty tricks under the name 'Team Magnesium'. but you guessed it, deleted the mf videos again... smh
I've done a couple other video projects here and there but nothing consistent or for the purpose of building content. so it's time

oh, you wanna watch more videos? here's a quick PSA for ya my guy or gal

y’all need to see this ASAP

protect yourselves pic.twitter.com/QGEiJjHU9C

— oylo (@oylomusic) May 30, 2019