oylo's blog: october, 2019

back again back again back again. a little late, but we're back again. here's a little sum sum to get the mood going

now that I've got a set of original mixes under my belt maybe I can muster the determination and foresight necessary to finish an actual album. completing projects is a fucking skill, and I need to train up g

...so this month I also put out a mini-ep LMAO

anyways... OcToBeR HiGhLiGhTs!1!

mom came to visit for a couple days, we harvested those bell peppers, carved pumpkins, got a loop station (just wait until next month's blog post...), ate some tasty new foods, and we started watching a couple dope shows: rhythm & flow, and world of dance

and uhhh... not tryna flex or anything but I put up another standalone tune this month as well...
things are great in the studio rn 😁

but I am super excited for next month's post (take into consideration that I wrote this late (during november), so I already know what's up)

take care!