oylo's blog: september, 2019

what's uuuuuuuup

during september we went to visit my soon to be mother-in-law in orlando. had a great time but damn was it humid

we also commissioned a portrait of our ourselves by @Succreart that turned out awesome!

but aside from that I've been spending a ton of time working on my new mix this month, which I'll absolutely write about it in the next blog post (since I'm not releasing it until then). and I washed/cleaned/vacuumed my car too! for the first time in years!

also been growing some green bell peppers!

oh, and I haven't mentioned yet that I've been promoted to team lead! my official title is now a 'software implementation manager'
super fancy, I know. it's actually more difficult than I thought I'd be... mostly just the extra meetings though...

but uhh... yeah

catch you in the next post fam